The survival of this juvenalia is largely due to my Mother, who saved a number of my grade school papers, reports, and drawings. When she died and my brothers and I were going through her stuff, we found these embarrassing relics of our youth. I threw away most of it, except for a few curious pieces, examples and samples of my childhood, which I present below.

Drawing by Thomas Gladysz
A grade school drawing (showing both the abstraction of Picasso and the lyricism of Matisse), complete with punch holes . I never did learn to draw.

“R.M.S. Titanic.” grade school report, May 4, 1975.
— I don’t remember this Reading Class assignment, but I now find it curious how I mixed text and images clipped from newspapers and magazines. Perhaps this was an early attempt at a graphic novel?

rms titanic                

“Springtime.” Peter’s Pages, Spring, 1970.
— I was in third grade (room 101), and wrote a short poem which was published in my St. Peter’s grade school newsletter. My Mother saved a copy of this mimeographed masterpiece, which I share with you.