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My name is Thomas Gladysz (pronounced gwa-dish); I am a longtime “culture worker.” I’m a former bookseller, events manager, and director of marketing and sales for a fine press publisher. These days, I make my way in the world as a free-lance arts and entertainment writer, “pop-culture archeologist,” and published author. You can find my work on Huffington Post and elsewhere.

In 1995, I founded the Louise Brooks Society, an online archive and international fan club dedicated to the iconic silent film star. It’s known all over the world. I have authored three books on the actress.

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, was educated at Michigan State University,  lived in San Francisco, and now reside in Sacramento, California. I’m married, and am a film & music buff, reader of books, internet enthusiast, and a dog owner caretaker. That’s me in a nutshell. Explore this website to find out more.

To reach me through email, send a message via my contact page. Thank you for visiting my website!