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  I am the Director of the Louise Brooks Society, which I founded in 1995. What started as a pioneering fan-site has since become one of the largest and most visited sites on the web devoted to any film star. The LBS has been praised by the likes of Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin, and has been written up in the pages of the New York Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Melbourne Age (Australia), and Wired. The Stuttgarter Zeitung, a German newspaper, called the site "outstanding." Today, the LBS has more than 1500 members in 50 countries from around the world. Here are a few key Louise Brooks Society sites:

LBS website

LBS blog started 2002

RadioLulu online radio station

Twitter @LB_Society

Facebook fan page

Read more about the Louise Brooks Society:

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--- "Not many sites of any kind can claim to be celebrating a tenth anniversary online, but that’s true of the Louise Brooks Society, devoted to the life and times of the magnetic silent-film star and latter-day memoirist. Thomas Gladysz has assembled a formidable amount of material on the actress and her era; there’s not only a lot to read and enjoy, but there’s a gift shop and even a 'Radio Lulu' function that allows you to listen to music of the 1920s. Wow!"

Caloudas, Constantine. "Louise Bobs Her Hair." Washington City Paper, July 22, 2005.

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--- "The Louise Brooks Society is an excellent homage to the art of the silent film as well as one of its most luminous stars."

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